Jun 13, 2007

Working with the Embellisher Workshop

I want to announce in my English blog too that I'm having a workshop with the embellisher from the 24th to the 26th of August 2007.

It is meant for 2-4 participants because we want to have lots of time and space for working and trying the possibilities of this machine.

The price of the workshop with B&B included in an separate apartment in our house near to the studio with a common bad and toilette for the participants is 200€. I have 2 double rooms and one single room. With single room the price is 220€.

100€ are to be payed with Paypal or EU-money order when you receive the confirmation of participation.

If you cancel thirty days or more before the beginning of a class, you will receive a refund minus a 10€ cancellation fee. If you cancel later than thirty days till one week before the beginning of the class, you will receive a refund of 50€ minus a 10€ cancellation fee. If you cancel a week or less before the beginning of the class there is no refund. You can use the amount you payed without any deduction if you inscribe for another future class - this can only be made once.

Participants can be fetched from and brought again to the railway station St. Pölten for the cost of the diesel fuel.

If it is necessary for us to cancel a class, students will be notified and offered another class or a full refund.

I'd like to get to know some faces behind the computer screens!!

I'm having holidays from the 15th June to the 1st July. After the 15th I'm only going to be able to answer your applications if I find an internet café, if not you will receive an answer after the 1st of July.

The place is booked after receiving the payment if you already received the confirmation of participation.

You can be put under waiting list.

If you want a prolongation of the workshop and work on the studio as "embellisher holiday" the fee will be 50€/day of prolongation. You can stay as much as a week altogether. This is specially meant for participants who live abroad!


  1. I´m from Azores (Portugal) and I would love to be there, but it´s not possible this time. Maybe one of these days .... By the way, I love your work!
    Maria de Jesus

  2. hi maria de jesus, i don't know if you are going to read this, but i would like you to visit me once. i can speak spanisch and understand portuguese because i was born in argentina. thank you for the comment! :-)

  3. you were born in argentina????? wow! let me put that in my fact book....

  4. I'd absolutely love to attend your workshop, especially after seeing your 'Barnacle Quilt'. What a beauty! However, being in New Jersey in the USA and with my health a bit compromised, I cannot. Is the Embellisher a tool that one can purchase? I've been breathing hard wanting to recreate, in my most imperfect way, your masterpiece.

  5. Dear Sara.
    I love your creativity.
    Your work gets better and better.
    I would love to come to the workshop but I am still not sure if it would work out since I am moving to Iceland in August.
    If moving will be delayed, I will contact you as soon as I know.
    Much love.
    Erla in Vienna

  6. I have just found your website...unbelievable. Your work space is fantastic...I have included the shop picture on my blog as an example of the perfect space. What I would give to work in your beautiful shop!

    I will be interested to explore your blog. Buddhism also defines my life, though I rarely write about it specifically. Perhaps I will find inspiration on your blog.


  7. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your blog for the first time today ... I really loved your fibre Matrioshka dolls they are just gorgeous :-D I have bookmarked your page and will be back to visit soon

  8. Hey Sara! They're here: http://papeisportodolado.blogspot.com/2007/06/creative-creatures.html

    Obrigada e um grande beijinho nosso.

  9. Hola Sara,

    Hoy he descubierto con gran placer, vía Ana Ventura, tu blog, tu espacio, tu creatividad y tu inmenso corazón por lo que haces...
    Tu casa me parece un paraíso digna de un cuento de hadas para niños, y para grandes también ;)
    Bueno, quería presentarme ya que te visitaré seguido y porque además soy de tu tierra natal.
    Un beso grande.

  10. Hi Sara, as many people do I wish I lived closer ;). Your studio as ever looks fantastic and it's good to see it now that it has been "lived in" a while. Hope you have had a wonderful break and come back full of creative energy. all the best
    Helen Suzanne

  11. Sara:
    It was very kind of you to answer my post and it was very nice to know taht I was very welcome at yours workshops.
    I Kiss from me and a huge kiss from Pico

  12. I have just found your site and it really opens up my mind to what can be done. Not sure why I would want to do it, as I have a very practical mind when it comes to creating. I need to have a reason for making the thing. That's why your site is so inspiring for me, it takes things outside the normal so how. Would love to attend one of your workshops so time.