Jun 2, 2007

The Discovery of Evil

This is my last piece. I found a wonderful possibility with the embellisher for the background and I think I will explain it in the tutorial for Fibre&Stitch in December...

I let fly my imagination and came up with some techniques I want to keep in my repertoire.

I used once more one of my ceramic heads, I love to use them! and some stones as beads.
I used silk roving in the globus.

I wanted to let it look somehow like a medieval manuscript (I can't get rid of these!) :-) so I put a kind of seal on the lower right. Here I embedded some lace and used mother of pearl buttons.

I had my fun with it! The little guy standing on the globe represents the sun.


  1. many wonderful details here, taking them all in.....

  2. Oh I really love this one. Am I right in thinking your theme is the garden of Eden - or is that obvious to everyone but me?! Such fantastic detail in this piece - wonderful.

  3. It can be, Papoosue, I was rather thinking this time about the discovery of evil in the world made by a young person who's beginning to understand the mechanisms that are ruling it...

  4. You are doing so much interesting thing Sara!
    today I have take a subriction of
    Fibre&stitch, I think this are being s fun!

  5. I love these little works that you do. You have such a knack for interpreting themes/stories. I would love to be able to create something like this.

  6. Ah, now I see your interpretation - thank you!

  7. This is fantastic Sara. You have an amazing ability. All your work is wonderful.

  8. thank you, my friends, I'm really so happy in my new studio! This is mirrored in my work!