Feb 16, 2007

The lady with the tambourine

Now I finished the piece with the embellisher. It showed the possibilities I was waiting for as I bought it. It is made for me and my technique. It would have spared me much work with my earlier pieces...

I did some hand and machine stitching on the piece and embellished it with beads. It is so nice to sew on this material. I was looking for this feeling as I began to do transparent pieces because I didn't like the difficulty of quilting through all the fabric layers. I also wanted the pieces to look light when on the wall because I think quilts are made for covering and not for hanging.

In my past work I had to use bonding material and this made the pieces thicker and it wasn't so good for stitching through the glue.


  1. i love this effect sara, especially the transparency, fabulous. i have a big collection of translucent/sheer scraps, maybe you would like some? i have been meaning to do a curtain like quilt piece you could look through it, to hang over a window.

    it seems these embellishers have become very popular.... are they expensive?

  2. hi jude,
    thank you for your comments,
    of course i could use sheer scraps! :-) it would be very nice from you to send me some...
    the embellisher is much cheaper in germany as in great britain, the janome costs there 355€ and here only 239€, i don't know why. there is even one for 179€ (the Merrylock). you can get it from germany at this address:

  3. Ok, at the moment I use a merrylook, but I think about to change to an Janome - so please think exactly about befor eyou buy one

  4. This is a beautiful piece, so dreamy. Just lovely.

  5. Hi Sara, I like what you can do with the embellisher. Very interesting. The country picture looks like an old fresco, I like the effect!

  6. awesome... You wouldn't know it that you just got the embelllisher! LOok forward to see many of the things you create with it...

  7. This is so pretty and romantic looking - love it!!

  8. Hello Sara - I love what you are doing with the embellisher - it's a wonderful machine isn't it? I have only just found your blog so I will be back to explore.

  9. Hi Sara! This piece is wonderful! So fun to see how you are doing with the embellisher!