Feb 15, 2007

I got it!

After having to wait 20 days for the embellisher to come I got it yesterday!

Today I tried some possibilities. I did the base of a piece I want to stitch into and I made a country picture for a bag.

It is terrible to see how many techniques are possible... At the moment I want to play with everything and don't get attached to any special technique.

Because of the heating of the studio I can't work as much as I want on all my things and I think it will be 2008 till I can really begin with the workshops... My mother comes to visit me 2 months in the summer and I want to work more on my things before I give the classes, I have a real need of working with fabric now...


  1. so you have a new toy! great! doesn't it just drive you insane when your mind fills up a with all the possibilities and you are just overflowing.....not enough time in a lifetime. looks like you are going to really enjoy this embellisher. happy stitching!

  2. i hope there is some kind of rebirth but then i must find all the material i left behind...:-)

  3. Yay!! And look at the wonderful things you are aready making!!