Jan 16, 2007

what i'm working on...

Yesterday i visited my daughter and looked at some magazines. i found a picture i liked, it was a kind of fabergé egg... anyway, i thought how to translate it into fabric...
i decided to take a fine white fabric and to stamp on it.
After that i put some fabric pieces with postcards patterns -i had burned with the heating tool all around to cut them- and some dyed cheesecloth. i covered everything with painted vliesofix -in white- and nylon chiffon in pale violet.
i ironed all together.
the medaillon is made of painted vliesofix onto white fabric with one of my drawings -altered with photoshop- sewn to it. i put some lace on it and now i'm trying to decide what stitching I'm going to use on the piece... i'll continue tomorrow.


  1. It´s look very exciting, I´ll be back to follow this!

  2. well, the first problem i have is that it's far too big for a fabergé egg... so I will have to think how I continue...

  3. Oh Sara! this is wonderful - but then all your work is! I love how you use both fabric and paper in this piece, and the burned edges are great... I once did a piece (now I'll have to find it...) where I burned the fabric edges... oh the smell! but it turned out ok... Can't wait to see how this progresses! There's a bit of gypsy in your soul too!

  4. This is so beautiful Sara! I find your art so inspirational. I love how you have used paper and fabric in this piece. The lace looks beautiful and the woman's face is serene.

  5. great lace scraps here, i guess you collect them like i do.

  6. I am Irina Iablotchkina.Recollect 1.artemision fibre art festival! We met there. I am very glad, that have found you on the Internet.

  7. Dear Sara.
    I have been following you and admiring your blog site for some months now.
    I live in Vienna and I would so much like to meet you, preferable if I could come and see you and your work.
    I am a hobby artist, I paint and work with fabrics but my main job is being a nurse.
    I would love to hear from you
    Take care.
    Erla Erlingsdottir (erlaerlings@hotmail.com)

  8. She is so elegant Sara ! I'm enjoying seeing the way you are building up the fabric with different techniques fused together....really love your postcard pieces...am eager to see what happens next.

  9. Sara this is wonderful to see it growing from your sketch, love what you've done so far, Jude xx

  10. everything looks lovely! i sent your package a while ago, let me know when you get it! sorry it took so long.

  11. Dear Sara, I am very happy you found our blog, "peticelul romanesc", and now we can also see your beuatiful work!

  12. Very nice, and you are very clever to translate on fabric such a picture! I love our small lady.
    I added your blog into my blogroll, a large list of quilting blogs.