Jan 5, 2007

New UFO - interesting material

This is the new/old finished UFO. I was thinking about all the codes we have to memorize nowadays, we are nothing but prisoners of the technology...

I also wanted to share a new discovery. I found a non-woven at the hardware store that is used as drainage insulation or something like that. It is grey and very cheap. It can be used as Kunin felt (not so precious but good to use!), you can paint and sew over it and you can heat it and melt it like most nonwovens. I also used it in the triangles on my last UFO (Teatime). It gives a very good stability to the pieces and you can underlay them with it. A real bargain!

You can see it as underground of this new UFO.


  1. oh, i know that stuff, great idea, it is alway good to find cost efficient materials, especially those that others use for less imaginative ends. i love your prisoners!

  2. Septic cloth? Hardware stores are great for different stuff!

  3. that's the name? thanks! i am very happy with this material!!

  4. Sara what a fabulous piece, I so agree with the codes and pass words and chip numbers, they go on and on ~ the colours are perfect for the piece. We have agricultural fleece which is another good idea for projects and is really light and can be painted!!