Dec 23, 2020

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 We are almost there. I wish you all the best for the Feasts.

I am spending much time knitting and doing crochet.

It all began with my following the YouTube videos of Arne and Carlos of Norway. They are my family in this Covid time. I watch them all the time while working on my things and I began doing their knitted squares for a throw. They have the patterns on their blog if you would like to do them.

But then I realized that this throw has about 90 squares and I would be very negletful about posting in my blog if I keep knitting all the time. Also they showed the new ergonomic Prym crochet hooks and I couldn't resist buying them. I love crochet too. Now I had a real problem. Knitting, crochet + felting... Hmm... 

And suddently yesterday night I couldn't sleep thinking of all this and I remembered I wanted to do a kind of Medieval big piece. So why not combine all of these techniques inone piece making it my own creation and having fun all along?

Thank you, Arne and Carlos, you wonderful people, for triggering my imagination. I will continue to use some of your blocks and creating my own Medieval ones. It is all about mixing all traditions I love and honour and spending the long Covid months doing something useful and fun.

Here is the beginning of this new history:

I bought the Donegal tweed knitting yarn because I love the quality and the colours. I choose these:

I knitted with the double knitting technique, where you have the reverse pattern from the other side of the throw. It is nice to not to have visible flows and it gives the piece a nice finished quality.

You can see the front with one of my little persons and the back with an appliqué self dyed fabric. This is to cover the back of the embroidery so that you can use the throw from both sides. It would a pity not to see the positive negative effects of the knitting!

Well, these are the first 3 of 90. 87 more to go! But then Covid will keep me at home for some time till spring comes and the woods call me. I don't enjoy that much to walk on icy roads...

Have a peaceful time and I'll keep you informed of the progress.


  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you. I love the idea of your medieval throw. It's going to be beautiful.

  2. Joyaux Noël à toi, en espérant que tu sois bien entourée..; sois prudente..; je t'embrasse très fort, MIP

  3. We must be sisters from another time and place! I am doing the exact same thing as you are and started a pair of mittens besides the blanket and a knitted gnome... so many fun projects and interests! Being in isolation due to Covid does have some good as one has way more time to be creative and pursue personal interests. So good to read your blog to start off my Christmas Eve here in the states. Happy Happy Holidays!

  4. I wish you also the Best for the Feasts and a healthy 2021! We will have plenty of time for our crafts!

  5. Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année Sara ! Je passe aussi beaucoup de temps à crocheter en ce moment. Ce nouveau projet associant le tricot et vos personnages me paraît très prometteur. Continuez et merci de partager avec nous !

  6. Merci pour votre commentaire. Je vais tout partager. Vous verrez bientôt des photos sur le blog!