Jan 31, 2021

State of the art

 I continue working on it and I‘m already planning another border...


  1. I love it - it is beautiful and has a medieval look about it. The bonus is, it will keep your lap warm as you work on it.

  2. Very fun to look at all the details and how all the elements come together! Your borders really set it off!

  3. It is beautiful.You did a very good job. I allmost want to knit something myself. Allmost, because I don't like to knit, I love fabric. :+)

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  15. It sounds like you're making great progress! It's always exciting to plan new borders and see a project come together. As you work on the details, tools like " https://aiocounter.com/ " can help you keep track of your steps and ensure everything lines up perfectly. Keep up the fantastic work!