Oct 28, 2020


  I moved to a region of Austria with higher mountains a month ago and I‘m exploring all paths in the woods I find around the house. I always collect twigs, mushrooms, etc to work with.

This is a small piece I finished today with felted twigs and using a wallnut ink I did boiling black and rotten wallnut husks for two hours and letting most of the water evaporate.


  1. Happy to see you blogging again. I always enjoy the work you do. I am signed up for notifications when you post but I often find them in my spam folder. Good thing I check it now and then. Keep up the good work and enjoy your walks.

  2. This is beautiful! What a great idea to incorporate the twigs...very inspiring!

  3. Belle idée que d'introduire des éléments naturels dans tes œuvres !

  4. Thank you, I am experimenting with this. Who knows where it takes me!


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