Jul 23, 2018

Two good friends and their unlucky love

I began this piece for me and it began to show it's own will.

I didn't want it to be a sad story but somehow it even evolved as a kind of thriller...!!!
I think I'm watching too many of them on the telly these days...

The thing is that these two nice Victorian girls were the best friends ever but you know what adolescence can do with these well behaved kids... What happened is that they felt in love with the same man. One of them even married him. The other one, I think it was the one to the left, the ones that don't look like it are mostly the wicked ones..., ended up finishing with the life of the couple and committing suicide. Wait... It cannot end like that. Well then, their spirits woke up in another life where there is no unhappy love or crimes or blood ...and now the three of them are the best of friends. Sadly I think that although they are in a kind of naturist realm it doesn't seem to be  much passion there ...

If you marvel at the boobs of the grown up girls I must tell you that they weren't made by me but I got them from Karen Ruane.  She does the most stunning embroidery, please visit her blog to see her work! They are made of silk and beautifully embroidered.