Feb 27, 2014


I am still waiting for my studio... In the meantime I am doing some experiments with the punching machine (embellisher) combined with paper and wet felting. I love the distressed look of the paper at the end. It is totaly bonded to the surface.

Ich warte noch auf die Fertigstellung meines Studios... In der Zwischenzeit habe ich einige Experimente mit der Trockenfilzmaschine (Embellisher), Papier und Naßfilzen gemacht. Ich mag die Struktur des Papiers nach der Behandlung, ganz gebunden zur Wolle.

Je suis encore  en train d'attendre qu'on finisse mon atelier... J'ai utilisé l'embellisher pour unir la laine avec du papier, après ca, je l'ai feutré avec de l'eau. J'aime le résultat, si organique.

Todavia estoy esperando que terminen mi atelier... Aproveché para hacer unos experimentos con la máquina de hacer fieltro en seco (embellisher) combinando papel y fieltro húmedo. Me gusta el resultado orgánico.


  1. I love the effect you have achieved with paper and the Embellisher. I haven't tried that and will add it to my 'to do' list. I do hope your studio is ready soon - you have had to be very patient.

  2. I am patient, but it really stretches my nerves... no ending in sight yet, but a promise to continue working on the renovations soon... I will start with lots of new ideas when I finally can, they jam inside my head at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!