Sep 21, 2012

Nymphs in my life

This little guy was used to have many nymphs in his life, he picked them like flowers.

Dieser kleiner Mann war daran gewöhnt, viele Nymphen in seinem Leben zu haben. Er pflückte sie wie Blumen.

Ce petit bonhomme avait la coutume de récolter des nymphes comme des fleurs.

Este hombrecito estaba acostumbrado a recoger ninfas como flores.

I used wet felted and embellished felt pieces for the background. I also felted some paper in the wool combining it with te embellisher.


  1. So lovely. I must make more use of my embellisher.

  2. Nymphs in my life!
    It'a awesome image like a flowers.

  3. This is incredible, so delicate, wow!