Sep 26, 2008

Whatiffing - Technikversuche

Actually my work is a permanent whatiffing à la Jude. Yesterday I had no time to comment this but now I would like to add that there are some "what ifs" on my WOP. For instance the combination of quilting with felting and the appliqué of the doily.

Also an increased use of crazy adds of pieces on all ends of the central piece. I do this very often but this time I really thought about them as being crazy added. The necessity or tendency to embellish the borders of the seams were not as strong as in the original technique because of the melting of materials that happens with the punching.

I also used some fabrics from Jude on it and I loved this kind of intercommunication that added more meaning to the endeavor.

I like the idea of whatiffing not only about crazy quilting and I want to add a section about this to my blog. I will use my second blog "The revisited Stash" to do this. As I'm using all materials I have at home without buying new ones, included old clothes and such stuff, all my pieces are actually recycled ones and I noticed after a while that I couldn't make such a difference between the two blogs.

Whatiffing will give the second blog a new purpose.

Dieser Eintrag bezieht sich auf einen Vorschlag von Jude, eine neue Form des Stickens/Quiltens zu forschen, in der man freie Techniken ausprobiert, die man sich selber ausdenkt. Alles ist frei und offen zum Experimentieren. Es könnte der Anfang einer neue Phase des Stickens/Quiltens/Nähen...

Sie erklärt ihre Idee in ihrem Blog "What if", ich kann es nur empfehlen.

Auch in meinem laufenden Projekt, das ich gestern vorgestellt habe, habe ich neue Möglichkeiten der Arbeit ausprobiert, wie die Kombination von Patchwork und Filzen und das Appliqué vom Deckchen. Auch die Art in der ich neue Stücke von Stoff rund um das Mittelmotiv dazu gab.

Ich werde meinen zweiten Blog "The revisited Stash" dazu verwenden, diese Versuche nieder zu schreiben und Fotos davon zu zeigen.


  1. Sara,
    That makes perfect sense to me. A what if goes very well with recycling. I like your logic. Tricia

  2. ciao sara, che bello il tuo blog, cos' poetico e surreale, ogni volta resto incantata.
    ciao matilda
    In English
    hello sara, how nice yours blog, poetic and thus surrealistic, every time bewitched rest. hello matilda

  3. I love the ideas Jude comes up with, that seaching, expirementing attitude. Your work is lovely!

  4. As always, delightful to visit and enjoy your beautiful pieced work. I find much inspiration here and as a beginner (mostly self-taught), sometimes the nudge I need to unstick myself when working on my own pieces. Thank you for generously sharing yourself with us in the blogging community. I learn a lot here.

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