Nov 9, 2006

Another collab

This is the second collaboration for The Library I'm doing. I'm sending it to Cecilia Levy in Sweden.

I did a second book of this series from "The Lady and ...", I had the same book twice and I thought it would be nice to make a second try of the possibilities.

The stories I write in the books are a reflection of my psyche. The world that inhabites me (i also inhabite the world but this is something else...) is made of pictures without much relation in between. In the night -between dreams- I see pictures evolving. these pictures never tell their story or they have an incomplete story. they're just pictures that come and go. they told me not to ask for a complex story, they are more like life, everything happens and nobody has a clue why...


  1. I think your books are lovely and like the few pages you kept in the book. They make a nice surprise and layered with more meaning.

  2. thank you, lisa, i think i will be working this way in the future, with surprises and pop-ups. it gives me the opportunity to work with many different materials and i'm a child yet somehow!! :-)

  3. your work is amazing! I realy love this serie.
    And ... i'm still a child too!!

  4. obrigada! eu amo las bonecas de vocé!
    where can I buy an angel from you??