Sep 6, 2006


Now I'm into collages because I want to try to use more paint in my pieces and collages are a wonderful way to get more aquainted with these media. I tried image transfer with a laser print and gel medium. It worked very well. I put some gel medium on the canvas and pressed the laser print on it. After that I peeled it rubbing it with my fingers and using water to help. You must do this carefully though, if not you rub some picture pieces away!
The picture is an old family picture of mine and I enjoyed putting the emotions that it conveyed in the collage. It is a very healing occupation! Now I'm doing a second version of this one which I'll upload when I'm finished!


  1. Discovered you today from Texas. Gorgeous work! I want to try your techniques. Yes, it is a very healing occupation.

  2. Es ist schon irgendwie eigenartig finde ich, denn ich tue genau das gleiche im Moment: Collagen!