Jun 3, 2006


Two days ago I got one of my attacks where I only despair about my bigger studio not being finished yet! Then I thought it would be a good idea to go to IKEA and buy some book shelves to order my things.
I also bought many plastic boxes with a lid because I'm allergic to dust and my former plastic boxes were hopeless dusty!!
I worked obsessively till I had most things where I wanted to have them.
Now I must cool down a little and take a rest!
I'm already veeerrry pleased with the result. My DH wants to work on the studio as soon as he finishes the scaffold to be able to work on the roof, he is taking it seriously now that I'm taking it seriously too!!


  1. Das sieht wirklich schön aus, ich beneide dich so sehr, vielleiht komme ich doch und besuche dich

  2. Lovely workroom Sara. Is this the new workroom you are talking about Or are you having another one built?
    I will email you later about our group.

  3. You are so lucky having such a tidy workroom, I am green with envy!Can you come and sort mine out please?

    Maggie H.

  4. It took me about 14 years to get this tidyness though... but it isn't the new workroom I'm always talking about, it's only a place near the staircase that was somehow uncrowded (the only place in the house you could use for that!!). I bought these bookshelves (and more which I have unpacked yet) for the future workroom in the roof of the barn. This one is going to be very huge because I want to give workshops there.

  5. When I'm done with all of it you can all come to visit and work with me there!!

  6. I would love to come and work with you in your new studio. You would have to make me tidy up though....I can be very messy!!

    Maggie H