May 7, 2006

Country doll

I also make this kind of country dolls:

The idea is that everything changes in life, so that you don't have to get stuck in one kind of Art. If I feel like working with Contemporary Art I do so and if I feel like working with nature, friends, family, my surroundings, then I do so too. I don't think you are "less" if you do this kind of things.

I also considered choosing "Schizo-Phrenia" as my artist name so that I could do double exhibitions: half Contemporary Art (under Schizo), half Country (under Phrenia). But then I stopped exhibiting because I want to have more time for me and my Art. This is a strange thing to do because as an Artist you want to exhibit, but I don't feel the need to do it and I'm trying to live with very few needs so that my pension is enough for my basic needs.

My richess is the TIME I have to do everything I want to!! Now I can relish spending all this TIME working on anything I happen to wish at this moment, living really the moment with all my being. Isn't this the highest good in life? You don't depend from money and having to do things that sell, but you are allowed to be a child and play with materials just as you are feeling like today!!

Everything becomes a Meditation in a path of Awareness. First time in my life I'm happy and fulfilled!

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  1. I like this kind of dolls! Congratulation for you work.