Jul 31, 2014

End of the Challenge and How To!

The winner is


You win this page of my booklet!!!

How to proceed with your partner:

I took always two papers at a time from the basket where I had put them. Each couple of partners will exchange one page with the other. It doesn't have to be one of their finished booklet but be fair and send a wonderful one to the participant that luck has put you in contact with!

Once you receive the page, please upload it to the challenge folder telling who sent it to you...

...and stay tuned, once I come back from Austria I will be beginning with a new challenge! 

Thank you all for participating and I can tell you I am proud of all that happened in it! 

Jul 29, 2014

Now in English - Some photos of my studio and new dwelling...

Second time in my life I live on a 14th floor... karma? Once in Vienna, now in Buenos Aires...

Chose Scandinavian this time...

...but - you know me - can't keep it quite minimalistic.

The studio isn't quite 100% ready. 

Must sort out many things yet.

These ghosts shall prevent the city's soot to claim the mechanism of the machines but what am I going to do with all that white????

After so much work I need a good night sleep...

Jul 28, 2014

Taller de Patchwork en Palermo, Buenos Aires - Terminado!!!

Por fín - después de más de 6 meses - he podido habilitar el taller. Estoy muy contenta con lo práctico que es, ya que tengo todo a mano y es muy luminoso!

 Desde ahora empiezo a ofrecer cursos. Debido a que me voy a ver a mis hijos a Austria a mediados de Septiembre, hasta mi vuelta los ofrezco solamente los martes de 14h a 18h. El primero será el martes que viene, 5 de Agosto 2014! 

Vean la descripción en "Talleres" de mi blog "El Taller de Patch. El taller se halla en Palermo, cerca del Mercado de Pulgas, vean el mapa con las instrucciones en la barra de encabezamiento de ese blog. Para informaciones o cursos privados escribir a mariasarapiccardo@gmail.com Desde ya les deseo la mayor de las Bienvenidas!