Feb 11, 2017

Finished pieced - Pièce terminée - Fertiges Stück - Pieza terminada

These are the Angels of the Lillies, you saw how I began in the last post.

Cecis sont les Anges des Fleurs de Lys, vous avez vu comment j'ai commencé la pièce dans le dernier mail.

Diese sind die Engel der Lilien. Im vorherigen Beitrag können Sie den Anfang des Stückes sehen.

Estos son los Angeles de las lilas. Se puede ver cómo empecé en el mail anterior.

Feb 10, 2017

Working with new technique - Nouvelle technique - Neue Technik - Técnica nueva

New way of mixing wool and fabric.

Nouvelle façon de mêler la laine avec le tissu.

Neue Art, Wolle mit Stoff zu mischen.

Feb 7, 2017

Workshop in Bergen, Holland, weekend 23-26 June 2017

Dear Friends,

I am going to give two workshops in Holland this year. They will be in Bergen, 50 km north from Amterdam.

They will be held at the studio of Anneloes ReinDeer:

There are going to be two workshops, the first one will have as theme:

  "Doing a Lampshade as a house, shrine, box...(for a real wax flameless led candle)"

This workshop will be held on the 23rd-24th of June 2017

The second box will be the new ecoprint technique mixed with fabric, embroidery, etc. I am doing now:

"Eco prints as a source of inspiration for a felt/fabric piece"

This workshop will be held on the 25th-26th June 2017

For inscription and more details please send a mail to 

deverborgenschat@ yahoo.com

Or send a message to: