Nov 13, 2014

Challenge Announcement

This is an announcement of the next challenge in The Challenge Nook, it is going to be a textile paper theatre. You will be able to work with any form of textile techniques, including patchwork, felting, embroidery, paper, etc.

The six instructions will be sent every two weeks and you will receive the template for the different parts of the theatre which you will be able to decorate in your own way.

I will post suggestions and you will be able to contact me to comment on the subject.

We will have a Pinterest folder - see the folder of the last challenge under

Here are some examples of the work done in the challenge.

We will also have a private Facebook site to be able to interact with the other participants, comment, etc.

Because the Challenge Nook will be a new feature in the internet and there will always be different challenges for all tastes and techniques, there is going to be a
 promotional inscription fee of 8€ 
for the next challenge. 

All details are going to be given after the 15th of November and then you will also be able to inscribe with Paypal or money order.

Stay tuned! I will be happy to host you!


  1. I am very interested in this challenge. But I am afraid of not being able to complete it. Could you please give us more details : level, quantity of work needed, main technics employed...
    Thanks a lot

    1. I will be explaining more in my blog and the Challenge Nook blog this weekend. I can tell you that I will give concise explanations for the participants who need them. I suppose that even beginners can participate. You can work at your level and people who know many techniques can apply them too so that there will be many different finished pieces.
      I will answer all the questions that may appear per email. The main techniques can be hand sewing and appliqué, or work made with the felting machine or the sewing machine. Embroidery will round everything up.
      I hope I could help you. Please read the final explanation this weekend. Kind regards, Sara

  2. I like to stay at your challenge! My friend made the last, and i followed on pinterest. So great.Hope to see you soon here.
    Thanks for this work!

    1. Es wäre schön, dass Du teilnimmst! Bei Bedarf werde ich alles auch noch auf Deutsch schreiben. Ich warte ab, wieviele Teilnehmer einer Sprache sich anmelden... Die Erklärung über das Challenge, die ich am Wochenende uploaden werde, wird auch auf Deutsch sein.