Jul 29, 2014

Now in English - Some photos of my studio and new dwelling...

Second time in my life I live on a 14th floor... karma? Once in Vienna, now in Buenos Aires...

Chose Scandinavian this time...

...but - you know me - can't keep it quite minimalistic.

The studio isn't quite 100% ready. 

Must sort out many things yet.

These ghosts shall prevent the city's soot to claim the mechanism of the machines but what am I going to do with all that white????

After so much work I need a good night sleep...


  1. It all looks so light and airy but I would be scared of all that white - I'd never keep it clean! I love your little balcony overlooked the city. Your interesting ephemera make the minimalist more interesting.

  2. yes, but it is made of materials easy to wipe... I hope!! :-)

  3. It all looks so wonderfully light ! It must be a delight that all is
    finished and you can really start working again ! Love to see
    your stash organized and the machines and ironing board ready ;-)
    Many happy and creative hours there Sara !