Apr 29, 2014

Challenge - Inscription closed - We are 48!

This is the back of my first page. Perhaps I'll leave it like that. I like to show the stitches from the back. This gives some clue of the process. It recognizes effort. The only motif I would consider to cover them is if they distract too much from the actual page to the right of it...

The backing isn't an issue yet. It will depend on the choice of binding and we will consider this at the end.

You can add photos of the process in the folder too if there is something interesting to see.

I'm waiting for the first photos to come!

I must confess that I can't stop doing pages... I already have 5!


  1. Oh dear - I am confused. How do I learn how to do this? Is there a size requirement? Should I just pick up a piece of felt and let the muse take me away?

    1. I wrote the size and everything in the instructions that I sent per mail to you. and yes, you can let the muse take you away! :-)

  2. I look forward to seeing your pages and those of the people taking part.

  3. Replies
    1. it is a feltalong but the inscription is already closed. it will be a small booklet.