Nov 14, 2011

NEW TUTORIAL Heart Fishers Bag (more than 100 photos) in English. German, French and Spanish coming!

I finished my new tutorial in English and soon I will have my German, Spanisch and French version as well.

This is a bag, you can use it  either as an elegant bag to go out or as a decoration for your studio that can be used to stash something (I keep my self dyed threads inside and use it as a handy pincushion), or to put your knitting yarn and needles inside and carry it around the house or when you visit your knitting friends, etc.

I use these Tutorials as a workshop. In each of my tutorials you will find a subject I teach. In this one I show you how to do a ball, to watercolor with wool and last but not least how to knit an I-cord.

The tutorial has more than 100 detail step by step photos.


  1. What a sweet and most useful little bag! Congratulations on your new tutorial, dear Sara!

  2. Such a good idea Sara and so beautiful too. You have so many lovely ideas.